Hello Friend!

My passion is to watch others succeed beyond what they thought was possible for their life! ~Kimber

I live near the ski slopes but my heart longs for beach life although I do love the beautiful mountains that surround me too!

I’m a proud mommy of 3 teenage boys who are destined to do great and impactful things!

I became a 7 figure income earner in network marketing pretty much being “ignorance on fire” recommending a healthy product to my friends and family and then anyone within 3 feet of me (LOL just teasing but not really)!  When you are giving a gift (like I believe I was) you are obligated to share it forward so that’s what I do!

I get paid in my sleep, when I’m talking to others one on one, on the Internet, when I’m traveling, when I’m taking care of a sick kiddo and when I just decide to stay in my PJs.  Basically 24/7 my team and income continues to produce.  It’s called “residual” income and it’s the closest thing I know to living a lifestyle of freedom.

These days, I work closely with those who want (I mean really want) to change where they are and know they deserve better…whether it be better health & ideal weight, enhancing athletic performance or those like me that want to get paid for recommending great, healthy & safe products that get results (we all do it everyday but just don’t usually get paid…like telling your friend about a good movie).  In my free time, you’ll probably find me at the gym, hiking, biking, hanging with friends & family, listening to good music, traveling (recently to Uganda …wow ask me about that)!

I love salty food, people watching, anything 80’s and I live to serve God with my whole heart even though I’ve given up on perfection and accepted my life is just a beautiful mess!  My past J.O.B.s were selling shoes (bought more than I earned), Assistant to Bank President, FAA Air Traffic Student, Credit Card Customer Service, Collections (absolutely awful and sucked at it…I let ‘em all off).

My greatest job (actually an honor) is being MOM!  Oh the tears, the laughters and the payoffs are huge!

I love to help people see their greatness and do more than they ever thought possible whether it be working with me in my company, as a friend, or just socially on the net.  I LOVE positive quotes and sayings and so if you like those too then my Facebook page and Instagram are probably the best place to connect.  If you want to find out how I lost 10 lbs, 11 inches in a short 9 day period in a safe way, then visit Maxoutteam.com and if you just like FREE stuff, grab your copy of my “Busy Network Marketer Tool Guide” with my secret weapons I use in my business to help blend my family life and professional life together.